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Plot release May 1st 2014

Today we have completed another release cycle which brings you new features. We have added a search bar and a graph with your CTR data to the dashboard. iBeacons are now fully supported by our plugin and the documentation has also been improved with a way to keep the Plot Plugin running after an update of your Android app.


With great customers come great responsibilities... and a search bar. As our customers grow, so do we! To manage your notifications more efficiently we have added a search bar in our dashboard. You can now search for your geofence names, beacon names and notification messages. Try it out now!

CTR graph

Do you want to improve the Click Through Rate of your notifications? Now it is easy to see whether your changes have effect. A nice graph has been added to the Analytics page of the dashboard showing you the per-notification CTR and aggregated CTR for all your notifications. Check out the CTR of your notifications!
CTR graph

iBeacon out of BETA

After one month of testing we are pleased to announce that iBeacons are now fully supported by our plugin on iOS. We have extended the documentation with an additional chapter about iBeacons. Read more about our support for iBeacons.

Keep the Plot alive!

It is now possible to keep the Plot plugin working after an update of your Android app. Previously your users had to reopen your app to re-enable the Plot Plugin. But not anymore! Add the following line to the intent filter of the PlotBootReceiver in your AndroidManifest.xml:

<action android:name="android.intent.action.MY_PACKAGE_REPLACED" />

See the documentation for a complete example. Please note that on iOS this was already the behaviour of the Plot Plugin.

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