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Release Notes March 19th 2015

Just a short list of release notes for this sprint; we have put most of our efforts into improving our internal tools and software. We did however fix the notification status for campaigns and we are also pleased to announce our new upcoming features!

Campaign Status

Notifications which are part of a campaign now have a proper status indication. If a campaign already ended or is upcoming, the status of a notification will change accordingly! This way you can see in one glance which notifications are currently being sent and received by your app users. Check it out on the dashboard!

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 17.26.35

Upcoming Features

New and exciting features are coming to you through additions made in our plugin. One of these things will be segmentation. This will allow you to segment your users and thus further specify which notifications are relevant to what kind of users.

In addition, we are also improving testing capabilities by adding geotriggers. These are triggers that work exactly the same as notifications except for the fact that they are not notifications! They will not get displayed on screen but can be used to determine if an app user has entered (or exited) a geofence (or iBeacon).

Release Notes Developer dashboard tutorial resendability

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