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Release Notes August 6th 2015

Today we bring you a new release! We have updated our dashboard to support experimentation with notification actions. Read all about it in these release notes.

Experiment with notification actions

Some time ago we have introduced experiments, these allow you to experiment with notification messages to see which message is most effective.


Experiments Experiments can be found by clicking the flask button on the right.

Today we expand this feature by adding experimentation on notification actions. When creating an experiment for a campaign you can now select whether you want to also experiment with the notification action.


Experiment actions Select if you want to experiment with different notification actions.

Selecting this allows you to, for instance, compare effectiveness of linking to a web page, or an in-app landing page. Or see if only opening your app is better than deeplinking to an action page. Of course you can still set the percentage of your user which will receive one of the messages.


Experiment actions Experiment with different notification actions.

Try out the feature now on our dashboard!

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