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Release Notes November 12th 2015

A new release today, further improving our product to give you the best Plot experience! We have made it possible to run campaigns on beacons and we have made several improvements to our dashboard.

Campaigns on Beacons

Up until today we have only supported campaigns for geofences. Sending notifications for your beacons would require creating single notifications per beacon. Now we have made it possible to create campaigns for your beacons, thus managing your notifications easily over all your beacons.


Campaign on Beacons
You can now create campaigns for multiple beacons! Just select which beacons you want to use for you campaign by keyword or tag. Try it out on the dashboard.

See our updated API documentation for more information if you are using the API to create or update campaigns and/or geotrigger campaigns.

Dashboard changes

Our dashboard also got some attention this release. We have improved our plugin version warnings (warning you if a certain feature requires a certain plugin version in order to work) by making them conditional. This means the warning is hidden if you are already running on an appropriate plugin version.

In addition we have improved analytics for campaigns. When you now check the analytics of a campaign it will set the dates according to when the campaign is (or was) running. This provides you with a nice way to quickly check how well your campaign did.

You can view all the changes on the dashboard!

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