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Release Notes January 21st 2016

We are proud to introduce a new version of the Plot Plugin. It allows you to quickly synchronise notifications and geotriggers with your users' devices. In addition we have squashed some bugs. We have also released a new interactive API documentation page. Read all about it in these release notes.

New Plugin Version

We have just released a new plugin version! In version 1.13.0 we offer QuickSync, a method to quickly synchronise your campaigns with your users' devices. Instead of waiting some time for the newly created notifications to sync from our server to your app, we now immediately send them to the devices. This allows devices to use these new notifications and geofences and trigger them appropriately. You can find the latest release on our dashboard.


In case you want to use QuickSync, we have created a blog post about this new feature.

New API Documentation

We have heard you with regards to our API documentation, and created an improved (and interactive!) version of it! Not only is up-to-date with our latest features, you can also try out the API calls yourself when you fill in your appId and private token (found on the dashboard).



You can find the new API documentation here and our full plugin documentation here.

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