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Release Notes March 17th 2016

Just a small release today containing Ionic support and a switch to Stack Overflow for technical support. Read more down below!


For quite some time we have supported Phonegap / Cordova, in this sprint we have looked into supporting a related framework called Ionic. It runs on top of Cordova using AngularJS.

We have thoroughly tested our plugin and can now say we support Ionic! We have also updated all of our related documentation. Check it out!



Stack Overflow

Our google groups forum has been the usual way in which you could reach out for technical questions. Since this week we have switched to Stack Overflow where its easier to create a community surrounding our product. You can post and find questions here. Our developer team is actively monitoring new questions and will be happy to answer them asap!



How to get in contact with us visit this page. And of course we still have our full documentation.

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