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7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Embrace Geofencing

Still wondering what Geofencing has to offer your business? We have an answer to that question, in fact, we have as many as 7 answers for you:

  1. It's has a proven track record - up to 40% CTR
  2. It's a cost-efficient marketing tool
  3. Its popularity is growing really fast
  4. ...

You can read about the 7 reasons here and check for yourself if they are true - create a Geofencing Campaign and wait for the results. We all know the results never lie ;)

Dashing Dashboard Upgrades

We have majorly upgraded your Plot Dashboard with three new cool features, and now it's even more convenient to use.

  1. Analytics search: Now you can check the performance of your Geofencing Campaigns for any time period you want! Keeping track of your progress and optimizing future campaigns has never been easier.
  2. Notification Creation Wizard: now there is a live preview displaying how your notification would show up on your app user's phone screen (see picture below). This should make it easier to test if your message is working out.
  3. Intercom: Do you need our help with your campaigns? No emails needed anymore, you can ask us your question straight from the Plot Dashboard - press on a blue chat button in the bottom right corner of the dashboard and speak to one of our specialists in a live chat.

Geofencing Across Industries

Geofencing technology is a very powerful mobile marketing tool with a wealth of potential applications across various industries:

Give the blog posts above a read - we featured a lot of successful Geofencing Campaigns executed by our customers and other very well known brands. We guarantee you will definitely get inspired.

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